PWB marketing values apply to every unique client

With roots tracing to the early 70’s and our small, close-knit team, PWB Marketing Communications is established but unpretentious. Even new hires come in a bunch of experience. Our size and expertise allow us to be flexible and adaptable. We’re located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, but we’re more than just an Ann Arbor agency. We handle global assignments for Fortune 100 companies while being equally comfortable with the budget challenges of an early-stage start-up. Each client and project are unique, but PWB’s values apply across the board.

For a long time we were specialists in technology marketing. As technology crept into every face of marketing, we found that our inquisitive, tech-savvy nature applied to a much broader range of products and services. Today, we’ve worked with everything from enterprise software to plastic surgery.

We have processes that guide our work, yet we recognize that what works in one organization may not work in another. What works in one place may not work in another. One longstanding client had been through 6 agencies in a 4-year period before they found PWB – they’ve been with us for over a decade now. Our non-dogmatic approach means we work with your team the way you need to work with an agency.

We think a good foundation for trust is knowing exactly what you’ll pay and what deliverables and results you’ll receive. By the same token, we know if you’re a profitable client. With everyone on the same page, it prevents misunderstandings that undermine the chemistry that’s critical for a successful relationship. And, with accountability we set mutual goals and collaborate with your team to ensure they’re met, and often exceeded.

Marketing isn’t brain surgery (though we have marketed TO brain surgeons), but it’s a high-pressure environment with a drive for results. We think “balanced fun” is a nice term. There are no foosball tables in our offices. We used to have chocolate in the lobby, but then we got healthy so now it’s more likely fresh fruit. And yes, there’s always beer in our fridge – stop by for one some time. Chemistry is critical in choosing an agency and we think you’ll find us interesting, entertaining, and thought-provoking. Visit the PWB Marketing Communications blog and get to know us.