QR Codes – true Demand Generation for print media?

You’re starting to see them everywhere‚ those goofy-looking bar codes. While it would be easy to write them off as a new-fangled gimmick, they have a real place in an integrated demand generation campaign.

A challenge of utilizing non-online media in the past was the ability to direct traffic to a campaign-specific landing page. Previously, the only way to do this was to either create a vanity URL, or hope viewers could remember to enter: “www.mycompany.com/bonus/123bb_mw”. Good luck with that.

Now, with a simple QR app and a smartphone, your prospects can quickly be transported directly to a page with more information and lead capture vehicles.

But, there’s one caveat. They’ll be doing this from a mobile device. So, make sure your landing page performs on most of the major mobile platforms.

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