Is Creativity on the clock?

We get out of bed, wipe our eyes, and head to work every day. We fume at the same intersections, get stuck in the same traffic jams – our daily routine. Once at the office, we attempt to unleash our creative fury during the five day work week . Yet what makes us unique is that after the 5:00 pm whistle blows, seeds of ideas often explode into powerhouse campaigns.

It’s in these times between work and sleep that creative genius flows from the right side of the brain. The ideas that aren’t forced and come from outside experiences are some of the best. Creativity is in these experiences unique only to you. The thirty seconds before you sit down to bench-press, when your focus should be on protecting your sternum from being crushed. It’s while you are peddling your bicycle from Ann Arbor to Dexter in ninety-five degree heat. Or while you are half asleep and strapped in a tree stand hoping that some antler will wander beneath you. It is in these spaces that genius is born.

The point is that creativity is not something you can turn on and off between eight and five. It is with you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Time spent at work is 90% experimentation, and execution of ideas into a format that will dazzle your clients and deliver results.

People always say don’t take your work home with you. The fact is — we can’t help it. What’s more — we welcome it. We all like the fact that our next big idea could be one mile down the road to the soundtrack of roaring motorcycle pipes, or on the slopes of a double black diamond.

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