[Infographic] Tips to Increase Reader Engagement on Social Media Sites

There are three basic rules when considering what to share on the various social media platforms.

1) The best content posted to social media sites is easy to understand and fairly simple to share. Consider creating infographics, #factoids, summary videos and quotes that may be easily Tweeted and shared.

2) Content should catch the eye of the reader. Use photos, graphs, graphics or embedded video for a big impact, interaction and responses. According to a recent Hubspot report,  posts that include photos get 53% more “likes” and 104% more comments than those without.

3) Consider when to post content. Is your audience looking for your product or service at a certain time of the day? Are there better times to post content? And most important, what time during the day will you get a higher response rate from posted content? Linchpin SEO reported recently that Facebook posts that are published overnight get a 14% higher interaction than those posted during daytime. Why? It’s likely because of the sheer volume of posts from 8:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. and also because Facebook would like you to pay for a sponsored post so some content is being limited to your audience.

Want to know a little more, check out this social media calendar infographic with several recent statistics for 2013.

2013 Social media facts

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