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Today as I was looking to load several “scheduled posts” to share on Facebook I ran across a snag – WHERE did the little clock icon go? For those of you that have scheduled posts in the past, there used to be a little clock icon at the bottom left of the post field. When you clicked on it, you could choose a future date and time that posts became visible to your audience.

For some reason though, within this past month, that has changed. The little clock is gone. I understand that change is inevitable. For example if change happens to make things easier or better in some way then I am all for it. In this case though there appears to be no reason for it. The simple button is gone. It feels like the change was made only to justify someone’s job at Facebook. I’m betting that at some point in the future the little icon will be back.

So, how do you schedule a post now you ask? I’ll show you. Next to the word “Post,” on the dark blue button at the bottom of the post field, look for a small arrow. Hover over it to find 3 options.

  1. Schedule a post
  2. Backdate a post
  3. Save a draft

This feature is only available for pages and not personal Timelines. I’m sure it is just as easy to do as it was previously, I simply disagree with the change.





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