Digital Advertising Assistance Needed?

Does someone need support for sagging kankles?

Digital Advertising

This example of digital advertising is a good reminder that before running ads, there are several key things to consider:

  1. How many characters are available in the title line?
  2. How many characters are available in the ad copy?
  3. How many lines of ad copy will be visible?
  4. How will my ad appear?
  5. What size image should I use?
It is also a good best practice to review of the ad before it goes live. Read the copy and how it flows, does it make sense to your intended target audience? In this case, we’d really like to know what an ankle bra is.


For more information on the specifics of Facebook advertising, be sure to read the Facebook Ad Guide. If you need help with your Facebook ads, Google ads or any digital advertising, please call us at 734-995-5000. 
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