Creativity Comes in Many Forms

Just wanted to take a moment to give props to PWB Sr. Art Director Keith Kopinski. Over the past few years, Keith’s taken to sculpting professionally on the side. With some training from some long-time industry folks, he’s been able to break into crafting sculptures under license of comic book super heroes and villains. These sculptures are then transformed into limited-run collectible resin statues and sold through specialty dealers.

We’ve seen Keith’s talents grow as he pushed himself to learn and get better. He’s continually tackling new and more complex challenges. Plus, seeing these things take shape as he sculpts at lunch is just COOL. Everyone here is always enjoying what he’s up to next.

Why do I mention this? Well, I’m a firm believer that you can’t get good creative from people who aren’t diverse and interesting. That’s why at PWB we encourage passions. I find we use those passions to get re-charged, inspire us on client projects, and help us learn as creators. See more of Keith’s work on his blog:

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