Camo – the new Black?

Sometimes the blog will be professionally relevant, sometimes it won’t. Part of our goal is to give our viewers a little peek inside the heads of PWBers –  scary though that can be. We hope you find it fun, interesting, and educational. Sometimes even all three.

Have you noticed how camo seems to be the new black? It’s everywhere – not just Cabela’s. Roll into the back-to-school section of your local Target, and there it is. Once the province of the military and the hook-and-bullet crowd, now it’s trendy high fashion. And it’s just been an organic process as the camo “brand” expanded into everyday life.

Personally, as a fan of camo since my junior high school skate punk days, I applaud this trend. Camo goes with everything, makes a statement, and is just a little more interesting than khakis. Sadly, I can’t seem to fit it into my workplace wardrobe – the Henry Rollins look just doesn’t work for me.

Next time something brilliant and insightful. I promise.

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