Branding: Your Defining Element

A carefully considered, thoughtfully planned brand can be a make-or-break element. The PWB team harnesses decades of combined experience to help discover, document, and deliver branding and brand marketing that’s unique, memorable, and differentiated. Contact us to discuss the process below and determine your needs.

In addition to our experience, PWB delivers value by understanding your product or service thoroughly, but NOT being part of your organization. As a knowledgeable outsider, we can help sharpen, refine, and synthesize the factors that deliver your value proposition.

Our proven tool, the PWB Brand Workbook™, was developed to help organizations create written record of what’s unique about their brand. This series of facilitated exercises will help your team achieve consensus on a unique, documented brand position that separates you from the competition in terms that are meaningful to your target markets.

Once you’ve completed your homework, the fun begins. Whether it’s as simple as a logo, or as comprehensive as a whole new integrated suite of tools, we can help. Our design team will explore a vast array of branding options to fuel spirited discussion on how best to bring your brand to life. Once options are narrowed, we’ll refine them and deliver the elements you need. We’ll work with you to establish a brand palette that’s adaptable to all your branding needs.