Blog Crash!

A few weeks back – probably a few more than I care to admit – We had an error with our blog. Specifically I couldn’t access the blog. In fact I thought I had made a HUGE error that caused everything to crash. Coincidentally that happened shortly after many GoDaddy sites got got taken offline by hackers. Turns out that hijacking caused more trouble than we realized at first, and ultimately it caused an error with our WordPress blog that we couldn’t fix.

I was told that our blog posts my still be retrievable but that I shouldn’t hold my breath. I suppose I whined enough here in the office (or maybe they took pity on me) however I eventually got our quasi-IT guy, Keith to take a look. He told me that he’d likely have to rebuild the blog and that he could do a download of the database which housed the blog posts.

Our content was often shared and mentioned on social media sites, so losing 2+ years of data was going to be a very painful thing. I was told, “Best case scenario – We get everything back no problem. Worst case scenario. In rebuilding we lose everything.”

Turns out it was somewhere in between. In doing the data dump, a lot of gibberish was pulled down. And in that VERY LONG list of gibberish our blog posts are hidden.

My eyes may be bleeding now, however it appears that the PWB blog posts may be salvageable. Slowly but surely they’ll be added back online. I know many of you are waiting with baited breath, so please hang tight!

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