Be Brave

Need to get noticed with a small media budget? Competing against entrenched competitors with huge market share? As my friend John Lichtenberg, Marketing Dude Extraordinaire for Wash College wisely says, “Be brave.” If you’ve seen John’s ads, you know what he’s talking about. This creative platform redefines the ordinarily poor world of educational marketing creative with the introduction of humor, simplicity, and power.

Even with a small budget, impactful creative creates a multiplier effect. As an example, when we were working with Citizens Insurance who needed to re-energize its brand with a small budget, we steered them to the bold and impactful creative platform over other more conservative ones. The result? Big results from a small budget.

In the consumer world, I have two heroes this year.

The first is Kia for their Sorrento compact SUV. Think Kia’s are just low-cost clunky Korean cars? Wrong, they’re hip, cool and edgy – this single spot completely re-positioned them in my mind. And someone at the clients had some chutzpah for approving them.

The second are the new short TV spots for Weber grills. Grilling should be all about fun, relaxation, personal expression, creativity, and more. Weber hits it without a single word of copy in this :30 second spot. Again, this was not “safe” creative.

All too often we see conservative b-to-b clients talk themselves out of bold creative (that they liked initially) and into safety. Safe has a time and a place, but if you’re trying to move up in the marketplace, give that slightly wacky idea we just delivered a second look.

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