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Ten Tips for Content Clarity

Clarity. A simple word. An elusive goal for many marketers. As we all scramble to provide quality content that engages our readers, this is a struggle for many. But time invested in improving clarity of your content is time well-spent. Your audience will understand and value your content. Your team will appreciate your focus. And, […]

Big Stories, Little Stories

While developing a recent presentation to an industry group, I had a revelatory thought about storytelling strategy. Much like the “house of brands/branded house” analogy, there are Macro Stories and Micro Stories. Viewing storytelling through this lens made immediate sense to me as I worked on a client’s strategic plan over the past few days. […]

Own Your Assets: Avoid Domain Transfer

I’ve been meaning to write this blog for quite some time. A recent painful experience reminded me that I really needed to get it out there so others can learn. Over the past year or so PWB has moved to STRONGLY recommending to our clients that they own their URLs. We’ve seen far too many […]

Tangled Web – Website Trends

In case you’ve been living under a rock, a lot changed this year in website trends. We’ve seen some interesting tactics and tendencies. What’s next? Who knows – but I think everyone should consider catching up with what is. Here are a few of my observations from 2015: Web sites are getting simpler; this one […]

Blogging – Be Your Brand

Successful blogging seems to be one of the biggest challenges we see for many marketers. But in my opinion blogging is one of the most valuable activities an organization can do. It’s a chance to dig deeper than you would on your web site, or in other social media channels. You can establish real domain […]