LinkedIn Changes for Your Company Page

I received a notification from LinkedIn today about changes coming to our LinkedIn Company Page after April 14. Specifically, LinkedIn is removing the Products & Services tab from all Company Pages.

The reason behind the changes:

We constantly evaluate how features are used and are making this change to focus on areas of the product that have proven more valuable for administrators and more engaging for your followers.

Ultimately though, I think it is more likely to be about the almighty dollar. There isn’t a cost to the latest changes, however in reading various LinkedIn Since support forum posts it seems that LinkedIn is exploring options. Certainly these options would be helpful to marketers but likely have an associated cost as well. After April 14, the best ways to extend reach on LinkedIn  will be through Company Updates or Showcase Pages.

Company Updates certainly are the best way to build relationships with followers. Requiring only the man-power to post, updates spread Company messages to user networks. Updates can be seen on a Company Page and in user newsfeeds, including on mobile devices. While more time consuming, this may be the best way to quickly extend reach.

Showcase Pages are intended to build long-term relationships. The biggest challenge is that a Company is limited to having 10 Showcase pages. The audience for Showcase Pages are members who want to follow specific aspects of your business on a dedicated page for prominent products and services.

To avoid losing your content, and maintain any optimization of your messaging on your LinkedIn Company page, it is best to address changes before April 14.

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PWB Helps Kasperek Optical Create a Whole New Space

Company Branding

Today’s independent optical retailers face incredible competitive pressure from big chains, forcing many to be less profitable and give up market share. Industry leader Kasperek Optical saw a better way. They turned to PWB to help bring new branding to life and develop tools to help both retailers and consumers understand the program and its benefits. The new brand marketing program centers on a simple premise — one low price for both a standard glasses frame and a sunglass frame. Good for the retailer. Good for the consumer. PWB started with a simple, thought-provoking name. Then we developed key messaging and high-impact logo. We’ve also developed sales literature for both retailers and consumers.