Optimize Your AdWords Campaigns

I have been working with a client to optimize their AdWords campaigns. Ideally landing page content would include the best quality, relevant keywords to help improve AdScores. Doing this increases the opportunity that the ad will be seen while decreasing the cost/click – In other words, optimization of on-page content should lower ad costs, allowing for a bigger bang for the buck. This sounds simple enough and it is, so long as communication flows between the individual creating content and the Ad Manager.

You are shocked to hear that doesn’t always happen, right? The ideal doesn’t always happen though.

As I was reviewing AdWords campaigns yesterday, I realized that one client had edited landing page content based on ideas I had provided. That’s great. The client even created a new and improved URL. I realized though that the search marketing ad created was not directed at this new and improved content. it was still directed at the old page, which is not ideal.

Here are a few quick tips to consider when creating a new AdWords Campaign:

1) Create good on page content that uses relevant keywords.
2) Using appropriate keywords in the URL.
3) Meta tag the page and use Alt Tags for images.
4) Create targeted ads specific to the landing page content.

I love testing ads and landing pages. Simple, direct ads often yield the best results. Don’t over-complicate your marketing. Set your goals. Be direct. Watch to see what happens. You may be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

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