I love the New Year. It’s a fresh start. New beginnings. A clean slate. Whatever you choose to call it, it’s a chance to learn from the past and put that to work creating success. Like many businesses, 2009 is one year we at PWB are happy to see in the rear-view mirror. We survived it, while many in our industry weren’t so lucky.

For myself, I’d like to see 2010 become a year of growth for PWB and our clients. With the recent economic correction/crash/recession the world of marketing changed yet again. PWB and our clients made some surprising discoveries. Some were the result of focused efforts to test and learn, others were simply happy accidents. In 2010, I think we can all start putting what we learned in 2009 to work creating success.

A couple of examples illustrate my point.

One of our clients enjoyed a rousing success at a series of regional trade shows targeting end-use markets. At one show, they found new prospects so numerous that they ran out of materials to give them (even business cards!). Trade shows are far from dead, but the ways we need to use them, and how we select which ones to attend have certainly changed.

Another client adopted extensive analytics tools for their online marketing efforts. The configuration and deployment were painful, but the resulting data is immensely useful in so many ways. In 2010, I hope to put this data to even more effective use in testing creative variations and media selection tactics. Without this data, much of the selection process was about gut instinct – now it’s about results delivered and cost metrics.

So, think about it, what did YOU learn in 2009 that you could put to work for you in 2010?