Thank You.

I was talking to a friend the other day about the importance of feeling appreciated in my decisions on where to spend my money. Consistently, I find I patronize places that show me they value my business. Which got me thinking about how that applies to our business here at PWB.

We try to be very good about showing our appreciation, but it seemed like a more public thank-you is in order to:

    • Our clients – who can choose to spend their budgets at many places, but put their confidence in our creative and strategic talents
    • Our production partners – who help us do more with less (and faster) for our clients
    • The media – who help us optimize and select the best channels to reach target markets
    • Our resources – who help PWB operate smoothly by providing legal, accounting, IT and other advice
    • Our prospective clients – who thought enough of PWB to consider us as a resource
    • Our team – the great folk who work here and help the magic happen

To one and all –  a heartfelt thank-you. We couldn’t survive in this challenging economy without you.

Be Different. Be Simple.

Just returned from a major industrial trade show in Chicago. It was interesting to see some things surprisingly it seemed a pretty healthy show.

One big takeaway was the benefits of two things:

1. Being different.

2. Being simple and direct with your message.

Blue and grey are the new business camouflage. What was once comfortable and conservative now seems just dated in these new economic times. That doesn’t mean if you logo is those colors you have to drive everything off that. Be different. This show had a lot of European companies more willing to experiment with vibrant oranges, greens, and other colors. And it works. These booths really caught your eye. Machine builder Sidel was an excellent example. All black tombstones, highlighted with bold neon color stripes and VERY little messaging. Really stood out.

Another trend was overcrowding. Many booths looked as if someone just walked in and sneezed on the walls. Just a machine-gun spray of tech specs. But a few had given thought to integrating a clear, simple message everywhere. And those exhibitors were hard to overlook. Do your products make manufacturers more green? Say so. Do they cut operating costs? Then tell people. But pick one. And then stick with it. No one needs to see that your cycle time is 3.5 seconds, or that your new chiller has a 1,000mm by 1,500mm footprint. Save that for other tools.

Be different. Be simple. Be noticed.