Demand Generation
demand generation


What is Demand Generation?

From our perspective, Demand Generation is a holistic approach to the process of converting a prospect into a customer, in concert with the efforts of your sales force. It’s as much a philosophy as anything – once you’ve embraced the idea, you can consider the strategy and supporting tactics. In a difficult business climate, careful consideration of the ROI of your marketing efforts is crucial. You need to do more of what works, and less of what doesn’t. A Demand Generation strategy is the way you can do that.

Demand generation works in tandem with branding efforts to support and fuel your overall strategy.  Anything you do that utilizes marketing tools to help prospects move through the sales cycle falls under the demand generation umbrella. This includes traditional marketing communications tools like advertising, direct mail, online, literature, and trade shows, but it also includes “connecting” facets like call centers, CRM (and other related) software, and the strategy that underlies and unites it all.

In our experience, companies commonly make the mistake of marketing “in isolation” and not considering how the pieces – from the creative story to capturing and measuring meaningful metrics – fit together. Many organizations we talk to have the tools and tactics for successful strategy implementation, but may not be using them in a cohesive way. Let PWB help you put these pieces together to create an actionable strategy – contact us to discuss further.