Content is King

Redone your website lately? Did you get held up when it was time to build out as all that content you thought you had wasn’t really there? Or it wasn’t in a form that was appropriate for the web?

We’re routinely finding that clients underestimate the amount of time and effort it takes to generate good quality copy that’s useful for branding online marketing. And most clients I talk to about this are quick to agree that it’s a problem in their organization.

We’re currently running a program on mechatronics (the integration of electrical, mechanical, and software design in a single device like a cell phone or a car) with a major industry publication’s website. Over the course of the year, we quickly discovered that having fresh content fuels tremendous increases in traffic and click-thru’s. And, that consistently getting this content is harder than anyone thought it would be.

There’s no magic bullet for solving this problem, but we find that the organizations who take the difficulty of generating good, web-friendly content seriously have fewer problems. We suggest designating an “owner” who’s responsible for ensuring that content is gathered and is consistent with company branding. Of course, if you need help with generating content, we can help you. But to simply figure, “Ah, I’ve got it in my brochures‚” is probably not going to result in the best outcome.

About Sean

Sean Hickey is the C.O.O at PWB. Skilled at defining and building brands that sell, Sean has extensive experience in marketing, advertising, and sales. Throughout his career he has been involved in a variety of aspects of demand generation – whether developing strategies and creative, or deploying systems for metrics. His passion is for truly integrated brands that recognize and leverage the exploding spectrum of available communication channels. Sean also provides strategic and day-to-day guidance in all aspects of PWB operations. When he's not here, you can usually find Sean outdoors – fly fishing for steelhead and trout, skiing, cycling, hunting, sport shooting, grilling, or pursuing some other passion. Read more about these adventures and the gear that fuels them on Sean's blog Sean holds bachelor's and master's degrees from Central Michigan University and is an avid Chippewa Football fan.
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