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Social Media Activity Influences Google Rankings

Attention Businesses: Study Finds Majority of People Conduct Research Online – Google uses a complex ranking algorithm when determining how to rank websites across the web. Factors such as inbound links, Meta Tags, Title Tags, anchor links, keywords in body copy, page load speed, and hundreds of other signals influence where a website will rank in […]

Did you notice the rules of marketing have changed?

If you’re like many of us who have been around for a while (I’m pushing four decades as a marketer), you’ve noticed that the old standbys aren’t working as well as they used to. Somewhere along the line, the web changed things. In the old days, when you wanted to market a product or service, […]

Report Finds Social Media Engagement Drives Revenue

The more deeply a company engages with social media, the more likely the company is to increase revenue, says a research study conducted by Altimeter and Wetpaint. Titled “The World’s Most Valuable Brands: Who’s Most Engaged‚” the report ranks the Top 100 global brands in terms of their social media participation. The report claims to […]

Hot off the Press

Everyone knows that the web is the place to go to find a business. Any client that comes to us knows that to have legitimacy for their business, they’ree going to need a web site that looks professional and stands out in order to get them noticed on the web. Some clients have a generous […]

What Marketers Can Learn From Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen seems to know a thing or two about marketing. Take a close look and you’ll see an odd brilliance to his wacky madness. Marketers can learn a few things from Charlie Sheen to help spruce up your marketing efforts. Create a spectacle. Do you remember that one car commercial showing interior and exterior […]

Facebook Changes Coming for Business Pages

Facebook is making some widespread changes to their Pages, making business pages behave and appear more like personal pages. By and large, the changes are positive. Page admins can voluntarily opt-in early or wait until March 10 when Facebook will automatically upgrade each Page. Bear in mind, once you opt-in early, you cannot go back […]

Six Ways to Create Video Content to Last All Year

Online video is a tremendous communications tool and a powerful way to promote your brand. It’s a great way to create instant credibility, reach many people with minimal effort, and “show” instead of “tell”. Plus, it’s not as expensive as you’d think. Online video consumption is exploding. Nearly 85% of the U.S. Internet audience views […]

Five Tips in Choosing a Perfect Domain Name

For most of our assignments, a domain name is already part of the equation. Sometimes, however, we get a project where we have the chance to invent a domain name for a website, blog, or a new product launch. The problem with coming up with a domain name isn’t the registration process. It’s fairly inexpensive […]

Gain More Twitter Followers

Want more Twitter followers? Use these tried-and-true methods to gain more followers today. First, there are written and unwritten rules for using Twitter. One of the unwritten rules is to follow people who follow you. So, carefully choose who you follow (making sure you share common interests) and begin building a rapport with them on […]